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Welcome to LemonGalaxy, a music livejournal.

Here at LemonGalaxy you will find mainly Japanese music - rock, indie, jazzy, pop, etc.....
You won't find a lot of the Oricon hit singles here, but there are plenty of other journals where you can find them. Hopefully with this MLJ, people will see that there is more to the Japanese music scene than just overproduced pretty idols.

Files will be available for one week or 25 downloads.

***PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD - this way I know what people are downloading,what they like, etc. So yeah, don't forget those comments. It only takes a minute.

The mp3s posted here are for evaluation purposes only. Please support the artists by buying their albums.

If there are any songs from the previous rotations you would like me to reupload, let me know. :)

Happy Listening!