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J-Oldies 2

It's that time again, when I raid my dad's mp3 collection. Hope you enjoy them.

ARTIST: Ohtsu Yoshiko
TITLE: Tokyo Anna
COMMENTS: I'm not familiar with this singer. This song was released in 1955. According to my parents, it was very popular back then. It sounds like something from a musical.

ARTIST: Nishida Sachiko
TITLE: Akashiya no ame ga yamu toki
COMMENTS: Nishida Sachiko was a popular singer in the '60's. This 1960 classic is one of her most beloved songs. I believe it became kind of a theme song to represent the student political movements at the time..or something like that.

ARTIST: Ishida Ayumi
TITLE: Blue Light Yokohama
COMMENTS: These days Ishida Ayumi is better known as an actress. This was her biggest hit song, released in 1968. I think this song was covered by an idol singer or two in recent years.

ARTIST: Okumura Chiyo
TITLE: Koi no dorei
COMMENTS: Often called the Japanese Sylvie Vartan (a famous French pop singer),this 1969 single was a big hit for her. I had no idea how naughty this song was - "Please hit me when I am bad..."

ARTIST: Fuji Keiko
TITLE: Keiko no yume wa yoru hiraku
COMMENTS: Yes, it is that Fuji Keiko, Utada Hikaru's mom. She was an enka singer in the early 70's. This song was a big hit in 1970. You can hear the huskiness in both mother and daughter.

Saturday Night Fever

Music for those times when you're in that groovy disco party night mood.

ARTIST: Cymbals
TITLE: Wingspan
ALBUM: Anthology
COMMENTS: Cymbals was a Shibuya-kei band that broke up a few years ago. They sing most of their songs in English. This song sounds shiny if that makes any sense.

ARTIST: Fujifabric
TITLE: Ginga
ALBUM: Fabfox
COMMENTS: The first time I heard this one, I thought it was kind of annoying and cheezy and just oh so fab!

ARTIST: Super Butter Dog
TITLE: Gojuu-on
ALBUM: Grooblue
COMMENTS: I'm not a huge fan of funk but I like the way this band makes groovy funk-rock music.

ARTIST: Ram Jam World
TITLE: Space
ALBUM: Happy Space
COMMENTS: I bought this cd years ago mainly because it features the vocals of Go-Bang's lead singer Moriwaka Kaori. This song is fun fun fun.

ARTIST: Ketsumeishi
TITLE: Kimi ni bump
ALBUM: Ketsunopolis 4
COMMENTS: Wow, this song is like, really disco, dude. It's definitely a song to add to that essential fun and cheesy party music playlist.

The Hello Kitty Diaries

I thought it was time for some female alternative rock bands.

ARTIST: Toddle
TITLE: A Sight
ALBUM: I Dedicate D Chord
COMMENTS: Former Number Girl member Tabuchi Hisako fronts this band. This song has some catchy hooks. It's rockin' and kind of poppy too.

ARTIST: Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
TITLE: Sentimental Journey
ALBUM: Future or No Future
COMMENTS: SSKHKH is a great band. This is one of my favourite SSKHKH songs. Call me a prude but did they have to use the f-word here? :P

TITLE: She Said
ALBUM: The Neglected Ghost Tree
COMMENTS: This is a fairly unknown band. I bought this cd in Japan years ago because I liked the album title. It's nice alternative rock.

TITLE: P-Nut Butter Irony
ALBUM: VA-Beautiful Freak Vol. 001
COMMENTS: Ooohhh, I love this one. Besides the cute title, it also has that great fuzzy shoegaze sound.

ARTIST: Veltpunch
TITLE: Killer Smile
ALBUM: A Huge Mistake
COMMENTS: This is a pretty catchy tune. You have soft female vocals with a dude spazzing along.



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